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A new Years Wish
Is Friends : are : sure:
Is ties : endure.


This card doesn’t appear to have been mailed, it seems more like a note left on the table.


i will be
home when(?)

It may be signed with a “C”, which just touches the th of the final word. I any of my readers can interpret this, I’d be happy for a comment.

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  1. Pam, the front says:

    A New Years Wish
    Old Friends are sure
    Old Ties endure

    I can’t enlarge the postcard to see to whom it was written or the last word, but the main part of the message says, “i will be home wend (Wednesday)”

    Miriam Robbins Midkiff’s last blog post..Related to Barack Obama or to Other VIPs?

  2. You’re right, I do post a reduced file size, rather than a thumbnail that could be enlarged. Food for thought.

    Wednesday never occurred to me, but of course you are correct. I’ll go back add the full file as a link in a minute.

  3. I’ve taken another look (thanks for the enlargement). I could be all wrong on this, but it looks like the first part is “D” crossed out, followed by Jan with 6 and “th” above it. If so, the writer meant to write “Jan 6th”, but started out accidentally writing December, caught his/her mistake and proceeded with January. I do that myself going from one old month to the new.

    Looks like the bottom row is “say th 8” as if they were finishing writing Wednesday (“wend” on previous line, “say” on following line: wendsay) the 8th (“th” on previous line, 8 on following line).

    So the whole thing (in my opinion) is: D [crossed out] Jan 6th
    i will be home wend[-]
    say 8th

    Some years (1900 – 1930) where January 8th fell on a Wednesday: 1904, 1909, 1915, 1926.

    Of course, I could be all wrong on this! Good luck!

    Miriam Robbins Midkiff’s last blog post..The 11th Edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture Is Posted

  4. Very logical, you certainly were better on this one than I was. When I’m closer to completing this project, I may take that card and compare to the handwriting of known authors on the other cards. I might learn something that way.

    Thanks for the second look and comment!

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