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As wee chicks are waking.
And flowers appear
Brer Rabbit will bear
Easter Greetings Sincere


Apr 16
5 pm
19?? perhaps 23

The City is illegible

Mrs. Belle Tinker
R.R. # 1

(To Andy Burgess)



Dear friends:
Just a line this
beautiful morning
Bill is planning for
corn oats all rowed 19 acres 25
for corn have a nice place to
live have you gone home yet
better come south ??? ?? is
just getting over the measles
Clarence is working for his
uncle write soon let us hear
from you the mail will soon
be her I am mending a
sock I will do better than
a card the next time From
Mc.Comb C. R.R.# 25

This card offers little to help identify the sender. Since it seems to be addressed to Andy Burgess, a little investigation of his family might help. Alfred A.”Andy” Burgess married Hazel Fellows on 12 July 1914 in Fife Lake Michigan. He was a cook in the lumber camps, family tradition indicates he came to Fife Lake while following the lumber camps.

On the 1920 census of Colfax, Wexford, Michigan, District 217, sheet 6a, line 28 is the family of William J. Harden, a farmer. In the family were: Murta R., wife; Clarence W., son; Lester EL (or ES), son; Vivian M., daughter; and Hannah E. Nye, mother-in-law. Belle and Charlie Tinker appear on the same page, several houses away.

In 1930, the Harden family is in Blanchard, Hancock, Ohio, District 7, sheet 5b, line 72. The names, ages and all other facts match well.

If the Murta Harden was the author of the card, perhaps their luck wasn’t so good after all in “Mc.Comb”. It appears that they moved on to Ohio.

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