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Hearty Wishes
May happiest
Joys and
pleasure true,
Make glad
your future Days
for you.


The postmark is illegible. The card is addressed to:

Mrs. Belle Fellows


Dear Mrs. Fellows
Frank is going to
stay for a few days yet
for Mr Potts who was
working here was sick
and had to go home so
Frank is going to try and
help Ross. so look for him
when you see him.
he wanted to let you
know so you wouldn’t
worry. From Lila

Written across the top, upside down:

Edna’s Babys
are well

Belle married Charlie Tinker in July, 1914 and became “Mrs. Tinker”. This card is written by Lila Longstreet, obviously before she married Frank Fellows on April 9, 1914. Ross Fenton and Lila Longstreet were half-siblings.

Frank was helping Ross Fenton do some work, perhaps farming or in the woods. Edna and Ross had more than one child (Edna’s babys), their first child was Laura born in 1910 and the second was George, born in 1912. Their third child, Frank, wasn’t born until 1915.

So, the card was sent after October 31, 1912, the birthday of George Emerson Fenton, and before April 9, 1914, when Lila Longstreet and Frank Fenton married.

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    • Apple on January 9, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    Knowing the families really narrowed down the date. I wonder if Frank’s time spent working also included some courtship?

    Apple’s last blog post..Tippecanoe Place

  1. Well, I guess it must have, since the couple later married. These cards sure are giving me a look at life in rural northwestern lower Michigan during the time period, as well as family information that wouldn’t be available anywhere else!

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