Beaver Cemetery, Beaver Pennsylvania

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This cemetery is downtown in Beaver, Pennsylvania. It is pleasant, and many people walk or jog through it.

Section D, Lot 15. Owner, Warren, Catharine. Date: May 4, 1878, Deed 117. The deaths of two individuals buried here pre-date the date of the lot card. They may have been moved to this cemetery, or perhaps the lot card was made up after the first burials. The one we viewed was typed, and looked like it was created after the fact from a log book. These burials were made on this lot with no markers, it is unclear if the date is the interment date, or the death date.

Catharine Warren, July 17, 1877 (wife of the elder Isaac Warren)
Ethel Warren Wick, February 6, 1956
Wilmer L. Ward, Jan 24, 1970
Hilda N. Ward (Nee Wick), Oct 7, 1984

Catherine Warren Baker –half sibling of Isaac Warren

Isaac Warren ca 1791 – 1870. This uncle of Catharine (Warren) Baker and Isaac Warren raised the children from a young age. According to the cemetery records, the elder Isaac’s wife Catharine is also buried on the lot, but there is no marker on her grave. The lot card says: “First Soapmaker from Canterbury England – 5th Generation Soapmaker”

There are several babies who were descendants of Catharine Warren Baker also buried on this lot.

Section 4, Lot 93

Isaac Warren and Emily Cowling Warren his wife. These are Papa’s great-grandparents.


Also on this lot with no marker, Mary (Molly) Warren Malone (moved from Grove Cemetery, New Brighton). Mary, a daughter of Emily and Isaac was born about 1865 and died in 1910.

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    • Susan Brubaker Knapp on April 23, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    Emily Cowling Warren and Isaac Warren are my great-great grandparents on my mother’s father’s side! It was a thrill to find this information and the photos. Thank you!

  1. So glad you found this too, Susan. We are always happy to meet new “internet” cousins.

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