Bag Lady

I notice that most stores are now Selling bags.  You pay $1.00 for a bag you can re-use.  This little publicity stunt has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with the bottom line.  I suspect if the stores were serious about environmental issues, they would just quit having plastic bags, and sell bags for cost.  I don’t think $1.00 is the cost of the bags being sold, I think it’s what the stores figure people will pay.

I picked up my groceries yesterday, and stuffed them into bags that I carry around with me all the time.  I always have a box or two in the trunk of my car, and it contains bags.  I have used some plastic store bags, but they mostly wore out.  So, I scouted around the house and started using bags that I just “had”.

So, without any more BS, the bags I use to avoid excess garbage in my can:

 Aco Hardware Bag

Someone around here works at this store, I don’t remember how she came upon this bag, and it really doesn’t matter. I’ve washed it a few times, but it still works.

Papa Bag

Papa attended a conference somewhere, and brought home this one. Very nice.

Mom bag

This one held my Mother’s craft items and some personal items at the nursing home. It has her name clearly printed in S-Dad’s hand inside. It makes me sad to see it, but it is a nice bag and very new.

Another mom bag

This one was another of Mom’s bags. Not sure how I ended up with this one, but I did bring home some things of hers, perhaps they were in it. This one is very worn, but has no holes and is very sturdy.

Mother-in-law's bag

M-in-L is a very thrifty person. For many years, she has given gifts in bags she sews from fabric she has around the house, and this is one of those. Saves on gift wrap. These days, we hand the bags back to her after we open them so she doesn’t even have to make more, but this is from a previous time. I’m not sure why I have this one, either, but I guess someone didn’t use it, and I could.

QS audit bag 1995

Did you know I was a certified QS 9000 Quality Systems Auditor? That was part of my job function before I quit working. I attended several conferences and this bag and the two below are some from those events. They are small, and have an obvious purpose of holding conference materials, but they work fine for groceries.

QS audit bag 1998

QS audit bag 1999

That’s about it for now. I have many more bags around here that I reuse, maybe I’ll let everyone know how when I stumble across them.

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