Bad Monday

So far this one has been underwhelming.  I started out with a little correspondence, including an inquiry from our insurance company.  They want to know the odometer reading on one of the cars, they probably don’t think it could move a little as we say it does.  I’d love to fill in the space and send it in, but I can’t find my car keys.  I think I used them to help Papa load the van when we took the little grandchildren to meet their parents yesterday.  They aren’t in the van, the garage, or our catch all side room.  All are considerably cleaner than they were earlier.  They aren’t in the fridge, freezer, or on any kitchen counter.  Those are pretty neat now, too.  Not on the kitchen floor, the bay window in the dining room, under, in or on the sewing machine or my computer desk.  It looks pretty good in that half of the dining room right now too.  I look for the spare keys, and can’t find the one to the car in question.

I check all my coat pockets for either set.  I wash the coats, checking all flat surfaces in the basement.  I check in the “junk drawer”, and they aren’t there.  I’m getting pretty frustrated right now.  I’m preparing to clean the bedroom, and then the living room.  If I don’t find them in or under a chair, bed or table, I’m going to have to dump the toy boxes on the front porch.  I already sent an e-mail to D2, asking that she check all the stuff the kids brought home, just in case. 

Who knows?

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