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We’re here, and most of our things are put away. I am a nest maker, so it is important to me to have things in order.

I do have one problem, our bikes got covered with salt and snow on the way home. Our daughters had thoughtfully shoveled, so we drove right in the garage, and the car and bikes started dripping their snow and salt all over. These are low-tech bikes, with coaster brakes. They have one speed, the one where you go as fast as you can pedal. We didn’t hang the bikes up, but parked them in a corner, and I’m trying to figure out how to wash them off.

I started cleaning up the dust that piles up around here, started organizing my genealogy finds, started dinner, and started this blog post, but the only thing I finished was the wash.

I also purchased and am downloading TurboTax. Funny, the download says it’s is 365% complete, and it’s downloading right along. I think someone has a bad formula somewhere. I wonder how long it will take and what percentage I will have when if finally finishes?

We attended two bluegrass festivals and one wedding during our travels, more about those as the week progresses. And, I will post here more regularly from now on, since the vacation is over.

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