Back Home Again

We spent most of last week at the Wheel Inn Campground, for the Leslie Bluegrass Festival.  We had a good time, and saw some good music.  I didn’t even go to town to get e-mail, and the phones don’t work too well out there, so it was almost a real vacation.

D2 brought her children Wednesday, after a stop in a local emergency room.  GD2 dove off a bench head first and put her teeth through her lip.  She healed fast, and was diving off coolers by Saturday.  That girl is always at the center of some problem.

Wednesday evening, when no one wanted to go to sleep, I took the GD’s walking around in search of a jam.  GD1 said, “We’ll walk till we see someone playing, then we’ll put down our chairs.”  I walked directly toward an area where I know some friends would be, and sure enough, there they were.  GD2 said, “A BANJO!,” in a slightly reverent tone of voice.  It was loud enough that Jimmy, who was playing the bass with his back to us, heard her.  GD2 likes banjos for some reason.  She had Papa hold her hand, and she walked to the front of the stage to watch Greg Cahill for a minute during the Special C show.  I’m in the market for a size 4 “Got Banjo?” T-shirt.

We had a good week, and lots of fun at the festival.  I saw a little more Saturday, because D2 and the kids headed home Friday night after supper.  Now, I’m trying to get something done around here!

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