Back at It

Yesterday, was looking over the logs for my sites and I noticed the contact form wasn’t working.  Don’t know for how long, don’t know why.  Frustrating.  Anyhow, I just went through the all the WarrenWeb family sites, and fixed all the problems.  At least all of them I found. 

If you used to have a “family only” password, it should still work, here.  If you are a family member, or a close friend who doesn’t yet have a password, I know you’ll want to send me an e-mail, so you can get one and see the cute pictures of GD2’s last visit.  They include banjo playing and a new Easter dress.

You could also use that link to let me know about all the mistakes I missed, it will keep me busy for a while.  Maybe.

I’m going off to see if I can find some chocolate eggs or something similar to calm me.

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