Back at It, Whatever it Is

Papa and I had a nice Memorial Day holiday,  We spend a few days with Papa’s mother, as we do each year.  We visited the cemeteries where our departed family members are buried, and brought plants and flowers.  We drove around our old stomping grounds and looked for changes and improvements.  We stopped at every garage sale we saw, and bought little.  We did not see a fawn, like last year.

Then we drove to the home of one of my S-sisters and attended an 80th birthday party for S-Dad, where a good time was had by all.  Off, and back home.

There wasn’t much traffic.  We drove from the Detroit area to northwestern lower Michigan on the Friday of the first big summer weekend, and we drove back on the Monday that closed the holiday and didn’t get stuck in traffic.  We weren’t even slowed by traffic in any way.

Folks, you can’t tell me that the tourists were out, they weren’t.  You also can’t tell me that gas prices haven’t had an impact, they have.

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