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Gullekson Anniversary Invitation

My mother-in-law, Jane Warren collected cards, letters, invitations and many other items over the years. I scanned  most and will post here.

William Warren, ca 1802-ca 1850 Sea Journal

This is a transcription of a sea journal kept by William Warren, who was born about 1802 and passed away before the 1850 census, when his two children, Isaac and Catherine were living with their aunt and uncle, Isaac and Catharine Warren. William Warren married by banns first, Eliza Eats, in Kent, London, England on …

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I finally got through all the broken links on this blog. I fixed most of them, but those which were linked to out of date news articles and websites were removed. There are over 400 redirects, but those seem to be working. Onward!

FGS Day One

I wanted to share a little with you about my first day at the Federation of Genealogical Society’s annual conference. I was so happy to be able to make the short drive to Ft. Wayne and attend this year! I arrived at noon and spent several hours in the library before registration. A day in …

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William Henry Yearnd (1883-1948)

William was my grandfather. I originally posted this short biography on my old website, more than ten years ago. I am finally getting around to adding it here. Birth and parents William Henry Yearnd was born ca 1883 in Howell Michigan. I have found no birth or baptism record. His birth and parentage is supported …

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The Incredible Shrinking Task – and Another Correction

I am down to 575 items to enter into my database. I have not worked on that task much since I last reported in. I did make a trip up to my hometown of Cadillac, Michigan, and looked through a large collection of yearbooks that the high school librarian there has archived. The earliest one …

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More on the Murrays

I left off with the saga of Eliza J. Murray’s name, or names as the case may be. In earlier days before a birth certificate or some other legal ID was required for everything, there are many cases of names being changed, or people using a different variation of their name on every record we …

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Mary Ann Lamunion

I’ve been entering data into my genealogy program. These are files which I had collected in a folder on my computer. I started with 1419 on January 19th, and worked my way down to 1440 1140 on January 23rd. Today I am happy to report that I have 837 items left to deal with. To …

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Those Crazy Tipped Images With Black Edges

Some images I have saved look a little crazy, like this: This is the death registration for Joseph Kaiser [Grey, Huron, Ontario]. I guess picky, fussy, or whatever, but I don’t like the look. I open these in Photoshop and make a few adjustments, then I attach the result to my database. It is not …

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I am happy to report that I have entered data from 279 of my collected files, meaning that I have 1140 left to do. I have entered data 12 separate sittings in the 5 days since I posted about the problem. The most interesting thing I have entered is a transcription from pages of my …

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