August Begins with a Bang!

We had a great trip “up North” over the weekend, including seeing lots of cousins at the reunion. We were especially blessed to see Judy, M-in-L’s neighbor, who dropped over Saturday. While you’re saying your prayers, please include her. She’s a tough gal, but she’s having more than her share of challenges these days.

There were three new babies under 3 months old, one less than 2 weeks old at the reunion. D1 was seen holding one of them for much of the day. She always gravitates toward the little ones, and it reminds me of my Dad, who also loved children so much.

We got home late, and were tired. I have spend the first part of today reading the papers, the e-mail and doing the wash. Now, I’m off to pick up my new glasses and take care of some other errands. Happy Monday!

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