Ask Granny

Why are there three 10 gallon buckets of tomatoes in the kitchen?

  • Papa and I picked them

Why did you pick so many tomatoes?

  • I can’t let them go to waste

I’ll try again, why did you plant so many tomatoes?

  • I want to have enough, you never know how the plants will do.

How did the plants do last year?

  • Well

The past 5 years?

  • Well

The past 10 years?

  • Well

What makes you think they might not do well?

  • They didn’t do well in the garden at our previous home up north.

What were the soil, temperatures and other factors like at your previous home?

  • OK, I get the point.  But, some things I learned are just harder to get over than others.  I know the soil is better, the temperature is warmer making the growing season longer, I have more time since my children are grown, and on and on and on.  But I learned that I wouldn’t have enough tomatoes if I didn’t plan enough through the sad experience of not having enough over 17 years ago.

Have you really been in Troy for 17 years?

  • That’s a question for another day, I have some tomato juice to make.

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