Another Monday

Monday again.  Thanks to help from all, the yard is looking pretty good.  I’m going to need roller skates to make it through this week, but waiting at the end is the West Michigan Bluegrass Association Mayfest.  We’re taking GS3 and his sisters, GD1 and GD2.  It should be fun for all of us, and a good break from our routine here at home.

Lex is out getting put back in line, and having some other repairs that I don’t understand but have to be done anyway.  Perhaps this set of tires will last longer, that’s the object.  I’ll be loading him up toward the end of the week, provided I last that long!

GS1 was home and escorted his girl to her senior prom.  He looked great in that white Navy dress unifirm.  The kids made a special trip to see my Mom at the nursing home.  She loved seeing that uniform, said it reminded her of Times Square in the 40’s.  There were some former sailors at the facility that loved the sight too.  A little bit of a suprise how supportive the people were of him.  Our last experience was during Papa’s Vietnam era service, and the public wasn’t very supportive or friendly to service members then.  Glad it’s changed, and keep supporting all our service people.. 

And now, back to the grind.

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