Another mess

I’m painting. I can’t help it, it had to be. The (commercial grade) carpet in our living and dining room finally bit the dust. The last straw was someone walking across it with a bloody foot. I cleaned it up with the prescribed cold water, but a full cleaning was needed and the whole thing looked awful. Papa and I went away for a weekend and grandsons One and Two and their mother ripped the darn thing up. That involved cutting it into two foot strips and tying with twine so the garbage collector would take it. And, it’s gone.

I will be replaced in due time with a laminate floor. The floor is picked, but not ordered, and will be installed by a relative who has to make arrangements to drive 200 miles to do so. In the meantime, what better to do than scrub, paint, clean and generally make a worse mess that is imaginable. I’m pretty sure cleaning is a disease and I have a double dose. The kitchen and living room will be done by Tuesday, including cleaning all the and scrubbing the insides of all the cabinets. The bathroom will get done after school starts. Don’t know if the living room is on the list, but probably—perhaps in the spring.

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