Another Goodbye

GS1 flew out of here yesterday. Sometime today he flies to his new duty station in Japan on a military transport. Folks, this was much harder than any time in the past. He’ll be there two+ years, and the odds of Papa and I traveling that far are very limited.

GS1 managed to finish his Eagle Scout project before he left for the Navy, but there wasn’t time for the ceremony. A little more than two years after he entered the Navy, the troop honored him.

Troop 1701, Troy, Michigan has assisted many boys in their path to Eagle Scout. The young men in that troop have learned much, and profited much.

Here he is with some of the scout leaders.

6317 eagle

I’m trying not to be too upset, but it’s hard. We did have a great visit, and it was wonderful to have him around again. Here’s what I would have said, if I had my stuff together before he left:

I wish you a safe journey, and a successful tour of duty. I also hope you have fun, learn a lot, and keep yourself safe. Also, I always used to say, remember who you are. How you behave and conduct yourself and your business is who you are. We’ve always been proud, and I hope we always will be. Love, Grandma.

So, an exciting journey started yesterday. More and more, Papa and I feel like the old folks at home. Scary.

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