Another Busy Monday

We’re home, but we don’t get a bit of rest.  Papa left for work a while ago, and I’m making a list — again.  Finish laundry.  Wash and sort cucumbers, sort and can tomatoes (5 big buckets – like laundry soap comes in).  Pack clothes.  Make a couple of dishes to take.  Pack food. Buy Coke. Clean house. Water flowers. Pay bills — well we really don’t pay bills these days, do we?  I just note in the computer program that the withdrawals have been made, and then check the balance.

We had a great time at the Milan Bluegrass Festival, Milan Michigan, and made a quick stop at the Kentuckians of Michigan annual Picnic yesterday on our way home.  (back to list) Photos will be posted later today.  We’re headed out to the Leslie (Michigan) Festival at the Wheel Inn Campground tonight.  The show is Thursday through Saturday, but I have some idea I can get some rest out there.  There is no Internet, so you’ll hear from me next Sunday or Monday!  Well, there is Internet at a MacDonald’s close by, and I’ll have my bike…….

We got GS1’s address over the weekend, he’s in Cuba now.  He called his mother, D1, yesterday.  She said he seemed a little down, but overall OK.  He loves the beach–I’m not suprised.  I sure loved the ocean  the first time I saw it, and I love it each time.  We have lots of water in Michigan, but nothing is like the ocean.

D3 is 5 today!  I can’t imagine how that happened.  She was born just a few day ago, wasn’t she?  Funny how time flies when you’re having fun.

OK, now back to the list!

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