Almost On Our Way

Papa and I are headed out to the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival tomorrow.  We’re looking forward to seeing a few friends, and some great music.  Be there if you can, it is a well run event, with some great bluegrass entertainers included on the schedule.  I’m especially looking forward to seeing Grasstown, the Scene, and Michael Cleveland.

We have noticed that many of the shows scheduled for this summer contain  watered down talent lists.  The price of talent and travel, along with reluctance of sponsors to step up in difficult times probably at the root of the changes we’ve noticed.  This show is not among those which have suffered, and we hope you will support it if you can. The musicians playing on this show read like a Who’s Who of talent in  bluegrass.  Michael Cleveland, James King, Lou Reid, Don Rigsby, Dudley Connell, Marshall Wilburn, JD Crowe, Paul Williams.

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