All About Granny

A recent photo

Granny lives in the Detroit suburbs.

Granny is a small town girl who didn’t grow up but did get older. Granny likes blue, green, warm (not hot) days and sunshine.

My time is occupied by learning and doing. Genealogy is my main hobby, but I enjoy sewing, gardening and meeting people. I listen to a lot of bluegrass music. I also occupy a lot of my free time with bluegrass.

My family: the husband currently known as Papa, 3 daughters. D2 lives about three hours away with her husband (I call him S-in-L) and family (GS3, GDs 1 & 2) .  It’s a long ways when you want to see your cute grandchildren. D2 is a school media specialist.  S-in-L works with children, also.   D1 is a civil engineer. She recently became a grandma for the second time, so we are great-grandparents. D3 works on the management of a local hardware chain and her husband S-in-L2 is a music performer and teacher.

I design, construct and maintain websites for a few friends and acquaintances.

This picture was taken in October, 2009, just outside the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN.  We attended the IBMA Awards Show that evening.