A Taste of Spring

It was a little warmer for a day or so there, but now it’s back to the deep freeze.  We are supposed to have a warm weekend, but it won’t help Papa and I any, we are headed north to M-in-L’s house.  She’s having a birthday, and we want to be there.

I’m busy as a bee this week, trying to get as much data as I can loaded into my genealogy program.  I have been stacking up my research results, am in danger of repeating searches and work.  So it’s  back to the drawing board, the data entry, and the organization.

The taste of warm weather has Papa and I  working on our summer schedule, including selecting the  bluegrass festivals we will attend.  Our summer schedule also contains visits from our  “little” grandchildren.  They are usually here for a week each, to attend a day camp somewhere near our home.  We usually take the little kids camping somewhere for a weekend, also.

We will be cutting back some on festival attendance this year.   In selecting shows to attend, we are giving more weight to the acts that are booked on them.  This is risky business, since the acts are subject to change, but we don’t intend to spend a lot of time and money on shows that don’t offer at least a couple of national or regional acts.  Our cost is about the same amount per show for travel, camping and admission.  In fact, while we were checking the schedules, we noticed that some shows with no “name” acts cost more that those with national touring acts.

It’s fair to say that many people will have a great time a four Michigan festivals that we may be missing this year.  But, all four are aimed mostly at pickers, and we aren’t pickers.  We spend most of our time a shows visiting with friends and watching the entertainment.  And one show that we might attend falls on the weekend of my class reunion.  I’m not a big joiner, but when you reach a forty year  high school reunion it seems like a milestone.  I would like an opportunity to see how some of my old classmates are doing.

I’m keeping busy in this cold weather, and wishing for warmth!

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