A Little Snow

Yesterday, there actually was some winter weather around here. We got ice/sleet/rain/snow on Wednesday night, creating a real mess. Yesterday morning, I spent about 2 hours shoveling what looked for all the world like a frozen margarita off our drive. It wasn’t a lot of fun, but it was good exercise.

After a busy rest of the day, Papa and I had to sit here a worry about all our chicks until they arrived home. It snowed, and the roads weren’t any too good. It took much longer than usual for everyone to get here and I was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Or something like that. But they all made it fine, and I am none the worse for the worry.

This morning, it took 3 hours to clear the snow from the drive. I didn’t finish, but Papa will get the snow blower out later when he gets home. I need to learn to start the snow blower. I have problems with pull cords becasue of my arthritus, but I need to try.

I spent some time helping step-dad with a new cell phone. He has been having problems with the one I gave him, so I got another. That’s the bad thing about the darn things – they aren’t made for technologically challenged people. He has problems with hearing, and the buttons which are too close together and too small. I understand, sometimes even I have problems seeing the tiny screens. Really, we just want to be able to make and receive calls. I don’t need messages, or Internet on my phone, or any of that stuff. I think it’s fine if you have it, but I don’t need it, and neither does he. Anyway, I took the phone there, and he could use it, so I left. Just now, he called and said that he can’t call his daughter, he gets a message that says the number isn’t working. I said we need to check the number that is programed in, and ask him if he can try calling by dialing (by hand), not using the phone book. That’s revolutionary, isn’t it? Anyway, I’m expecting him tomorrow so we can work on the phone. Wish me luck, and look up his daughter’s phone number for me, would you? If I need any of his kids, I e-mail them and wait for a reply.

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