A Little Road Trip

Papa and I are leaving to day for a little trip to Georgia, and the Lewis Family Festival.  We have attended this show several times.  We didn’t go last year, since Mom was so sick.  I remember she asked me when we were leaving, and she seemed sad to think she might have caused us to stay home. 

During those days, I fell into the habit of saying, “Only one Mother,” when something like that would come up.  I wanted her to know that she was very important to me, but I always got so choked up that I couldn’t really say anything too direct.  That little phrase kept me from crying on the spot, and got me through a lot of tough moments.

I looked back on some of the e-mails I sent to family members during the very difficult couple of months between a horrible night in the ER at the end of April, until her death in June.  I notice that in my efforts to communicate the situation effectively to everyone, it sounded pretty much like a play by play, or a discussion of the traffic; not like a daughter discussing her mother’s illness.

Well, that was last year, and I’ve almost made it through a year.  It’s painful to remember that time, but not as painful as it was six months ago.  I sure miss my Mom, and I sure don’t like being the oldest living member of my immediate family, but I’m marching on.  I enjoy our children and grandchildren, and Papa and I have a lot more time for each other these days. 

So, we’re off to Georgia, $3.65 gas and all.  Not sure if we will be traveling down South much this year, but we’re going this time.  For me, it’s one more step to complete healing. 

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