A Little Drive

I headed over to Kalamazoo today, to retrieve our three “little” grandchildren. It’s a happy occasion, Sesame Street Live is playing at the Fox Theater. Since the oldest of the “little” grandchildren was 3 or so, I or we or whoever have made one of those shows with some combination of them. the year GD2 was an infant, I spent most of the show standing in the wings at the side of the crowd half walking, half rocking. Every time she’d get almost to sleep, the music would change and she would rouse up to see what was happening.

I’m sometimes asked about the “little” designation. GS3 and his sisters are the children of D2 and her husband, and on the young end of our five grandchildren, and I’ve always called them little, to distinguish from the older two. Our “little” grandchildren are soon to be 9, 6 and 4, not as little as I think of them. The oldest two, who are now almost 20 and almost 17, are the sons of D1. Time marches on.

Anyway, there are after school activities, so I’ll have to drive home with the kids beginning at six or so this evening. I hope we don’t get any more snow!

Friday night, we’ll see a great bluegrass show at OCC: III Tyme Out is appearing. I believe they have been a part of that series since we first starting attending it. I’m glad the kids will be with us for the show. The last time we saw the group at this series, my Mom was able to attend. We used her wheelchair, and I sat toward the back with her, but she seemed to have a good time. GD1 was with us that show, also. GS3 asked a lot of questions about the show, and I know GD2 will like Steve Dilling’s banjo! GS3 sometimes asks me, when we’re headed for a show, “Will it be real bluegrass with a banjo?” There is just something about that Earl Scruggs roll that distinguishes bluegrass from any old music.

Saturday, we’ll hang around here. We’ll stuff Sally’s pillows so they can go home with the kids. I noticed advertising for a winter carnival in Rochester, if the weather is favorable, maybe we’ll go there. Sunday, Papa and I will drive the children part way home, meeting their parents in Lansing.

Monday, I’ll sleep all day!

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