A Drive and a First

After S-Dad’s eye appointment yesterday, we had a nice lunch.  S-dad really likes to eat out, and doing so alone isn’t much fun.  I must say the drive over to the appointment was like a roller coaster ride.  I can’t believe that people that live in MICHGAN don’t know that snow is slippery.  We saw more than 4 cars off in the ditches.  We also saw a couple of fender benders.  Come on folks, slow down a little.  After lunch, I headed over to meet D2 and bring GD2 home for a visit.  GD2 has been here many times, but never alone.  Her daycare is closed for a couple of days.  I understand the teachers are going to training, and, they are getting new flooring.

The trip home with her was pretty quiet.  I was a little worried, since she is almost 4, we know she understood the visit, and the suitcase, and so on.  But, I thought the reality of being alone in the car with me was a little scary.  You know how it is when you wish for something, and then aren’t sure you want it when you get it.  I got here with her just after dinner.  She warmed up when she saw Papa, and had a little to eat, and then several snacks.  She talked to her parents and siblings on the phone without getting upset, so I guess we’re home free, at least for now.

She watched a couple of videos, and was finishing up the final one while Papa snored away.  When she fell asleep, I moved her to her own bed, and we all got a pretty good night’s sleep.  Today, I have to shop, my Costco coupons run out this weekend.  And, another storm is predicted, perhaps another 8 inches of snow.  We also have to finish sewing the Easter dresses.

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