A break from the bad weather

The weather missed us, at least most of it.  It did rain and spit some ice yesterday.  It was raining hard when we went to bed last night.  This morning, there is a wee bit of ice on some surfaces, but the traffic is racing by as usual on the main road near us.  We were lucky, based on what I saw on the news last night from out west.

Yesterday was D3’s birthday.  We’re not big celebrators of such occasions here, but we did have cake.  As GS2 put it, “Thanks for having a birthday so we can have cake.”  The cake was a struggle.  I was ready to make meatballs when I preheated the oven and dove into the cupboard for the cake ingredients. I grabbed the sugar and it spilled all the way to the counter; a close examination revealed that one corner of the air-tight plastic container wasn’t popped down as it should  have been.  I had sugar on the counter, the cookbook, the tops of the lower cupboard doors, the floor the rug, everywhere.  I called GS2 who got the vacuum from the side room so I wouldn’t have to walk through the mess to get it, and I tried vacuuming with limited success.  I used the hose and attachments and got more.  I switched from meatballs to spaghetti, which isn’t as labor intensive.  Then, the phone rang, a call from someone who needed a photo from Papa.  It was pretty much downhill from there.

The good news is, we did have dinner, and we did have cake, and I did get the kitchen cleaned up, finally.  How could today be any more fun?

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