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I fixed the RSS feeds. I got spam. 100% correlation. So, the RSS feed that enables me to let the world know I’m wasting time writing for my own satisfaction, and pretending that someone wants to read it, also makes it possible for the cyber-world slimeballs to attempt to use my resources to spread their …

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Fix it?

I’d love to fix the rss feed and customize the presentation of this blog. I’ll do that when everything else is done, in 100 years or so. The feed got screwed up when I upgraded to 2.2. I also lost my theme and all my widgets, like MyBlogLog. I guess I should have addressed those …

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Random Musical Thoughts

A while ago, I ripped all our tapes and CD’s to the main computer. I’ll be investing in a turntable to do all the albums soon, perhaps before next winter. I just made a playlist of all the songs with a Pete Goble writing credit. It’s an interesting list, but probably contains less than a …

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Lose a phone lately?

Granny’s home has the usual utilities, electricity, natural gas, water, and some others, satallite radio and TV, land-line phone and DSL. We also have cell phones. On Saturday, during the amazing presentation of “Go Diego, Go Live”, I lost my cell phone. It was in my pocket early in the show, I used it to …

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Spam comments

I’m getting many spam comments each day, too many to go through.  So, if you comment and don’t see it, it was probably deleted.  send me an e-mail, or use the contact form on my site, and I’ll work on the filters.  After I sweep the floor again.

Answer this–

How can a large, strong almost 16 year old grandson run the vacuum, and not remove any dirt from the floor.  This is a highly efficient, very nice vacuum that I splurged on, not some old pile of junk.  Are your ready for the answer?  I discovered this, when I used it the next day.  …

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Wow, Weird Weather

In the past week, we have really had it.  Stuff has been falling from the sky, snow, rain, ice, sleet, a little of everything.  The GD’s were here for a couple of days, but the older wasn’t feeling good, so I took them home.  Thank goodness, the roads and the sky were clear that day. …

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What did I do to get me so much spam traffic overnight?  I’d hardly had any, and there were twenty-three (23!) this morning.


It’s a beautiful day, if you can stay inside. GS2 helped me clear the driveway, or perhaps I helped him. For reasons that are obvious once you live here, the snow drifts up in front of our doors, both the entry door and the garage doors.  This makes clearing the mess up a little harder.  …

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