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S-in-L found a Wii under the tree this year. I never saw one before last Sunday, but had heard plenty. It was GD1 who asked her Dad to take it out so they could play. She played several games, like darts and a basketball shoot. The best part for her was selecting the clothing for …

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A Little Snow

Yesterday, there actually was some winter weather around here. We got ice/sleet/rain/snow on Wednesday night, creating a real mess. Yesterday morning, I spent about 2 hours shoveling what looked for all the world like a frozen margarita off our drive. It wasn’t a lot of fun, but it was good exercise. After a busy rest …

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****Winter Storm Warning

MyCast has thoughtfully sent me yet another winter storm warning. Oh wait, they wouldn’t send it if I didn’t subscribe. I am beginning to wonder why I did subscribe; I have a faint recollection that it seemed like a good idea at the time. Once again, we may get inches of snow, or some sleet …

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The Keys are Found, and a Speech is Made

So, after I turned the Front porch and our entry way upside down yesterday, Papa walked out into the garage and immediately found my keys on top of a box of boots. I am grateful, and thankful that I had the good sense to marry him almost 39 years ago. He never once said anything …

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Yesterday’s e-mail brought the unwelcome news that another of the scripts I run on some of my sites needs upgrading. I hate the process, even though it’s pretty simple. Don’t get me wrong, I love that people actually write scripts that can be used with a donation or without a charge. I really would rather …

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Quick Thursday Post

I’ve been reading a bunch of gene blogs, reminding me to either remove the tag and make some gen posts. At least it might remind me. There is a lot of good material and wisdom out there, partake when you can. Time is catching up to me. The beautiful princess costume is complete, and the …

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Things I can’t do anything about.

Upgrading Scripts I’m tired of upgrading. I’ve got a few scripts that seem to require more attention than I wish to give. Weather Baby, it’s suddenly very cold outside. I need a warm coat, some thick socks, and some campfire wood. Mechanical answering systems with question after question Is there ever a question you want …

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Small Job

I’ve been busy, to busy to tell you about.  But, you should know this, some maintenance jobs fall to granny, no matter  what.  Here are the tools I used :  So, now, what do you think I did with them to get this result: Of course, I cleaned the brush on the vacuum.  Really, I couldn’t push …

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Another Busy Monday

We’re home, but we don’t get a bit of rest.  Papa left for work a while ago, and I’m making a list — again.  Finish laundry.  Wash and sort cucumbers, sort and can tomatoes (5 big buckets – like laundry soap comes in).  Pack clothes.  Make a couple of dishes to take.  Pack food. Buy …

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Pickin’ on CF —- new site!

Please check out a new web site I just published for a friend. While you’re at it, put the show on your calendar and join us!