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Another Goodbye

GS1 flew out of here yesterday. Sometime today he flies to his new duty station in Japan on a military transport. Folks, this was much harder than any time in the past. He’ll be there two+ years, and the odds of Papa and I traveling that far are very limited. GS1 managed to finish his …

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Fun with our Family

We had a wonderful weekend, seeing our little grandchildren and enjoying an early family Christmas celebration. We were missing GS2, who stayed home for his basketball practice, and Step-Dad, who had a cold. The kids received several gifts, and it was hard to tell which was the biggest hit. The most fun for the spectators …

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Great Weekend

We had a great weekend.  I met D2 and retrieved GS3, GD1 and GD2 Thursday afternoon.  They were fun to have around.   In their words, not mine, we “took a day off” on Friday.  They were here becasue there was no school, and they enjoyed it.  Friday night D3 was in charge, and Papa and …

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Happy Birthday

GS2 is having a birthday today, he is seventeen. I could write 17, but seventeen seems older, and he seems older. Here are GS2 and GS3. 2 is driving the jeep that was 3’s first birthday gift. Let’s see, 3 was born in 1999, so the party was in March, 2000. 2 was born in …

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Wishing You Well

This is one of the birthday cards Papa received Sunday. Nice, huh?

The Weekend Already?

Today I’m taking S-Dad to the Retina doctor, his appointment is for around 9:30. Those appointments can last a while, and then he usually wants to go to lunch. I’m expecting an exciting lunch, since he will be full of news about his recent trip to Vancouver to see his daughter and son-in-law. I picked …

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August Begins with a Bang!

We had a great trip “up North” over the weekend, including seeing lots of cousins at the reunion. We were especially blessed to see Judy, M-in-L’s neighbor, who dropped over Saturday. While you’re saying your prayers, please include her. She’s a tough gal, but she’s having more than her share of challenges these days. There …

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Back at It, Whatever it Is

Papa and I had a nice Memorial Day holiday,  We spend a few days with Papa’s mother, as we do each year.  We visited the cemeteries where our departed family members are buried, and brought plants and flowers.  We drove around our old stomping grounds and looked for changes and improvements.  We stopped at every …

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Tour D’ Meeee-sheeee–gan

OK, it’s a weak title, but it is all I have! I left Tuesday afternoon and drove from here to here. If you look at the scrolling heading in my old hometown of Cadillac, then you will see a photograph of this place. My Dad ran a Funeral Home there from 1958 to 1979. Then …

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Happy Mother’s Day

This year, I’m without my Mom for the first time in my life. Harder than I thought it would be. So, here’s my favorite photo of her. hotel furnishing in Bulgaria