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Great Weekend

We had a great weekend.  I met D2 and retrieved GS3, GD1 and GD2 Thursday afternoon.  They were fun to have around.   In their words, not mine, we “took a day off” on Friday.  They were here becasue there was no school, and they enjoyed it.  Friday night D3 was in charge, and Papa and …

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Day to Day

I’m managing from a list again.  I am having trouble focusing, due to the troubles down south. The coverage this morning included distribution problems for supplies in Houston; inability of people to get to Galveston to survey their property and the cancellation of the “look and leave” policy; cattle wondering all over and even being …

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No September 11 post?

I thought about it for a few hours.  In that few hours I cleaned, washed, shopped and generally enjoyed a worry-free day. Somewhere around here I have my stark, immediate reactions to the events that took place on that day seven years ago. I wrote an e-mail and copied a few people, my mother among …

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Happy Birthday

GS2 is having a birthday today, he is seventeen. I could write 17, but seventeen seems older, and he seems older. Here are GS2 and GS3. 2 is driving the jeep that was 3’s first birthday gift. Let’s see, 3 was born in 1999, so the party was in March, 2000. 2 was born in …

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Why does this site want to be my friend on MySpace? I guess it’s because I added a couple of children’s acts as friends, like this one. Well, I like Cathy and Marcy, and have for years. But I’m not a  Gummy type. Sorry.

The Weekend Already?

Today I’m taking S-Dad to the Retina doctor, his appointment is for around 9:30. Those appointments can last a while, and then he usually wants to go to lunch. I’m expecting an exciting lunch, since he will be full of news about his recent trip to Vancouver to see his daughter and son-in-law. I picked …

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Ready, Set, 2 days Until the reunion

I guess by this time Sunday, the first of Papa’s extended family will have rolled in, and we’ll be smack in the middle of visiting, game playing and all the fun stuff. We we mention the reunion to GD1 a couple of weeks ago, she didn’t say much. Then she came around, having thought about …

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Time Flies

I guess you don’t have to be having fun for time to fly, it’s probably more about being busy. And, we’ve been busy. I notice that the count down timer says I need to get GD1 a birthday gift, and soon. I asked her what she wanted when she last visited. She said, “Something for …

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In the Zoo

D2 arrived on Tuesday night, just in time to save my sanity. Little GD2 was happy to see her, and so was I. She got things together Wednesday morning, while I drove the older two to the Safari camp at the zoo. When I got back, everything was ready, and we left for a day …

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This Place is a Zoo

I took two cats, in two cat cages to the vet on Tuesday for shots. I had little GD2 with me. We got to the sign in desk and noted the long wait. I looked at the clock and remembered that I had to leave soon to pick up GD1 at the Zoo. The receptionist …

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