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Apple and I

I am in recovery, after a great trip to New York. On my way home Saturday, I has a breakfast with the famous Apple, of Apple’s Tree and The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree, and her better half. It was great to meet Apple after years of reading her posts, and absorbing some …

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Treasure Chest Thursday – Follett Hoe

This entry is part 7 of 9 in the series Treasures and Curiosities

For years, M-in-L has used a nice little hoe with a triangle shape and a sharp point. She has always called it her “Follett Hoe”. A man named Follett lived near M-in-L’s family; he was the maker of the hoe. You can see his name on the Colfax township plat map, look next the the …

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On My Way

I am on my way to New York this morning. In honor of the trip, I wanted to explain some of what I am taking, and why. I will skip the clothing, except to say that I brought layered things, comfortable shoes, an umbrella, and a couple of warm jackets. It is all in one …

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It is a little too early to post quarterly progress on my Genealogy Goals, or a little too late to post monthly progress for January and February. So, I will consider this an irregular report to myself. I have been troubled by side trips, which makes marching straight toward a goal difficult. Some of you …

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Roger Gives Sage Advice

The library of Michigan is again severely threatened, again. Or perhaps it is “still threatened”. I am sad and upset about the assault on this fine facility, and it’s collection. You can a statement from the Michigan Genealogical Council on their site. Since MGC is soliciting ideas, please feel free to send suggestions to they …

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What is Happening in the Genealogy Department

I am lucky enough to have collected a group of internet cousins along the research path. One of them is an especially meticulous researcher, who uses (heaven forbid) older methods and new technology to produce amazing results. Let me say that again, she uses all the avenues available to her to facilitate her research. I …

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Spreadsheet Update

This entry is part 57 of 99 in the series Deeds in the Family

I have updated my land index to include all the transactions which I have outlined here on the blog. I have finished with the land records for the Fenton family. I do have more, but for one of two reasons, I am not publishing them. Reason number one is that some of my “abstract” forms …

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Treasure Chest Thursday – The Cat

The Mosaic Cat arrived here at Granny’s at the end of the summer. D3 took a European cruise, and toured several places, including Italy. Whenever I see a many-colored cat I think of my Mom, often repeated: The gingham dog and the calico cat Side by side on the table sat; T’was half past twelve, …

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Oakland County Genealogical Society Meeting Tuesday!

The Tuesday OCGS meeting is right around the corner! I was in awe of the talent and knowledge of the membership of the Society when I first joined over ten years ago, and that continues today. Among our membership are numerous volunteers at the Family History Center, several members of the Genealogical Speakers Guild, librarians, …

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Doing Nothing?

This entry is part 42 of 99 in the series Deeds in the Family

Well, from the number of posts I have made so far this year, it may appear that I am doing nothing, at least blog-wise. But I have been working on a few little things. I have updated my land record index, so it contains all the deeds I have described so far. It has turned …

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