Category: Grandchildren

Four Days to Open House

Some things are too beautiful to describe. My roses have cooperated and many will be in bloom on Saturday for the open house. Here is the first rose, M-in-L showed it to me this morning. It’s on my desktop now. Shopping starts today. Last cleaning tomorrow. Food prep on Friday, including setting up tables & …

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An End or a Beginning?

Grandson One is graduating from High School soon. Now, all you grannies know that we love ‘em all and treat them the same and on and on and on. But this is my first grandchild. He arrived new and beautiful into this confusing world very recently, less than 18 years ago. With the exception of …

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Eleven Days to Open House

The new kittens have grown a lot, more than doubling their weight in the past couple of weeks. They are still cute, as kittens are. We call them Catties a lot, that is what granddaughter Two came up with when she saw them, kind of a cross between kittens and cats I guess. I’m delivering …

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