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Eleven Days to Open House

The new kittens have grown a lot, more than doubling their weight in the past couple of weeks. They are still cute, as kittens are. We call them Catties a lot, that is what granddaughter Two came up with when she saw them, kind of a cross between kittens and cats I guess. I’m delivering …

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It’s Monday, blue Monday

My Dad used to survey the weather each morning and assign a color. Blue and gray were common selections. Actually today is a beautiful day, if chilly. The sun is out and the rain is gone, at least for a while. I’m blue because nothing that I need to have done is done, (and I’m …

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Countdown to open house

Someone has been using my computer again. There are 6 residents of this house and 5 computers. All have access to the internet through the network. Grandsons One and Two are forced to share a computer (oh no), but the usual reason for someone using mine is that it is in the dining room. This …

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Rain, rain, rain

 I’ve had a rain gauge for several years, but I can’t remember to bring them inside in the winter and they freeze and break. Daughter Three gifted me with a new one for Mother’s day. It hasn’t stopped raining since, and it rained almost every day in May before the gift. There have been 7/8 …

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What a spring

Nice in April, crappy in May. So much rain we have webs between our toes. Oldest grandson is graduating, trying to get the yard in reasonable shape for an open house. Losing the battle. Today I painted some lawn chairs, stripped and sanded others, painted a table, did a bunch of wash. Suddenly it was …

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