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    • Elaine Monroe on October 11, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    Was looking at Hoosick Falls cemeteries for a potential location of a great uncle’s place of burial when I found this site. Scrolled your surname list and found several familiar names in the Burdicks, Maxsons, Clarkes, Hubbards and Coopers. Your Dorothy Maxson’s sister, Elizabeth, married Rev. John Davis, whom I descend from. You obviously have a good source of information, but I wondered if you have discovered the Davis history, “The Settlers of Salem, West Virginia.” Our branch of Davises did not move with the group that went to West Virginia, but the book holds a lot of our family names and interesting information. So you and I must be something like eighth cousins through the Maxsons…both with the same spirit to know ourselves better by knowing those who were here before us. How much like them are we?
    Thanks for your example of one way to share genealogical information with others.

  1. That book is a new one on me, but I will take a look the next time I have the opportunity. Thanks for the tip. Actually, it is my husband, “Papa” who is your cousin, but sometimes I think of all his ancestors as mine, after spending so much time learning about them.

  2. There are several names in your geneaology that are familiar to me. Zuriel Fish which would be my great grandfather 5 times removed and his wife Alice Hart. Also the LaMunyon name. I can’t seem to find anything on Zuriel other than he was born in Rhode Island and moved to Ontario County around 1799 along with Phillip LeMunyon. Would appreciate anything you could tell me about him. I am attempting to become a DAR member and I can’t seem to find any family member that fought in that war. Thank you. Dinah

    • Lynda Munion DeArman on August 26, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    I ran across your page while searching Howard LeMunyon, who is my great, great, great Grandfather. His son James Lemunyon(married to Polly Popple) later dropped the Le and changed the name to just Munion. If you have any information on this line of Munions, I would appreciate anything you might come across. I do have Howard’s genealogy ;thru 9 generations if you are interested,

  3. I am sending you an email, Lynda. Thanks for contacting me.

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