It Doesn’t Take Much to Entertain Us

I was at Google Maps calculating the time it will take us to drive over to meet D2 tomorrow and retrieve our three young grandchildren, when I noticed that Google has a “Walking Directions” function. Beta, of course.

We noted the time that it would take to “walk it”, 1 day, 6 hours, and it appeared that we were expected to walk about 3.5 miles an hour for the entire 30 hours.

So, I checked the walk to M-in-L’s home north of Cadillac. The result, 204 miles, about 2 days and 19 hours. D3 said we’d have to start on the Thursday before to make the Sunday reunion in August.   There were 102 steps in the route; the shortest section was 85 ft. and the longest 15.1 miles. That’s a lot of name changes and turns. To be fair, sometimes the road stayed the same but the name changed as it wandered into another jurisdiction

I zoomed in, and She noticed we’d be walking right by her boyfriend’s home in Saginaw. I’ll bet we’d need a shower by then.

The most interesting thing was the last few miles of the suggested route, which had us traversing Papa’s old hunting grounds, dirt 2-tracks, unmarked roads, and other iffy conditions. It made me wonder how many other sections of the route had the same problem.

I think we’ll drive….