Ghost? and a Night Out

A ghost is ringing my door bell today.  I just went to the door, and there was no one there.  Sometimes a delivery person leaves something and rings the bell, then runs off into a truck and drives away.  I usually make it out there in time to see the truck.  This time, there was no one in sight, and I even opened the door to look.  I’m a little wary about opening the door these days, there have been some reports about scamming, fake utility workers.

I’m finally getting the paint on the kitchen walls today.  It took way longer than I expected to scrub the cupboards, walls and door.  There isn’t much wall to paint, so I did that first.  Next, I will prime the door and woodwork around the window.  The trim and door are changing from a tan color to white.  I hope to finish tomorrow, so I can move on to more yard work next week.

I still have the dining room to paint, too.  It should go pretty fast, if I can ever get started.  Most everything in the house has changed color, but the dining room will be an exception.  I am planning to re-paint the top almost the same color as it is, a beige, and just touch up the bottom bead board, which is a tan color.  The back stairs and the entry, and the front porch need paint, too. That job will wait for better weather.  I have a heater I can run in either area, but I’d rather just wait for it to warm up.

My research is suffering during this “spring cleaning”, but I feel better looking around at my clean surroundings.  We need to re-hand pictures and some other things this weekend.  Papa took a good look at the garden last night, but said it is way to wet out in the yard to even think about doing anything.  Maybe after a little warm weather and sun we will at least be able to clean up a little more.

The Wings start the playoffs tonight.  That will cut into my other activities, we’ll be in front of the TV, cheering them on, and making snide comments about the commentators.  I sure wish we had our local broadcast team, I like them better that whoever the major networks roll up.  Oh well.

Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike will entertain at the OCC Bluegrass series, tomorrow night in Royal Oak, Michigan.  Valarie, whose band includes talented song-writer performer Becky Buller, doesn’t present straight ahead bluegrass.  But she does present a varied show filled with energy and enthusiasm.  I always enjoy her shows, and am looking forward to a spring night out.

Here, Becky sings one of her songs:

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    • tipper on April 20, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    I see you’re still going like the energizer bunny-I know you must love having your home all fresh and clean-maybe you’ll inspire me 🙂 I like Valarie Smith’s music too.

    tipper’s last blog post..Spring Water

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