Back to the Grind

We sure had a time with GD2 over the weekend. First was Sesame Street, on Friday morning. I think she has pretty much outgrown Sesame Street, but she had a good time, and was happy to select a gift from the sales area. It is a flashlight looking thing, with Elmo on the top, and when you push a button, it spins and lights up. The kids have always picked that darn thing, which is too expensive for what it is, and so irresistible. She wouldn’t look at the camera, she was too busy.


Notice the nice necklace. There are a couple of things here at Grandma’s that aren’t available at home, and one is Pop Beads. Certainly you remember them from when you were a little girl. I got them in the craft section of a discount store several years ago, and GD1 loved them so much. Now that she is older and has moved on GD2 enjoys them. I have always put a towel on the table, and the beads on the towel, to cut down on picking the beads from every corner of the dining room. Thursday, while I was spreading the towel out, GD2 flipped the cover off the container of beads, and the whole works went all over the dining room floor, which is laminate, not carpet. She said, “We’d better pick them up before the cats get them,” sunk down to her knees and got started. I used Don Aslett’s mop to push them all in her direction, and the pick-up was quickly accomplished.

Friday night, we were off the the Kentuckians of Michigan to see the Larry Stephenson Band. We had a good time, and Papa took a few pictures. The lighting causes difficulty at this venue, but there I posted the results anyway. My favorite isn’t on Papa’s site, here it is:


Just a couple of dancers, look at the smiles! Hope you had a good weekend, too.