Today’s the Day

I guess this is the last trip to Sesame Street Live I’ll be making.  I’ve enjoyed quite a run over the past few years.  The first year GD2 went, she was just a baby, perhaps 7 months old.  D2 came along, there was no way I could have taken all three otherwise.  Anyway the other kids, ages 6 and 2 were having  great time, but it was nap time for GD2.  D2 and I took turns standing in the wings, trying to help her go to sleep.  Every time she would doze off, the music would change.

Two years ago, Papa and I took all three to Go Diego, Go Live!  GD1 had an awful time, it was too loud, her stomach hurt, she was sick, and on and on.  That was on a Saturday, and the next Tuesday, she was diagnosed with  appendicitis, and had a quick surgery, at age four.  What a scare, and what a surprise.  I spent two weeks at D2’s home, helping as much as I could.

It’s interesting to look back at the changes over the years.  D2 and her family have lived owned three homes since they married about 13 years ago,  and Papa and I only two in forty years!  But the one constant is the speed with which little ones become big ones, and head off on their own.

D1 heard yesterday that GS1’s ship is deployed, and he will be at sea five months or so.  That will cut down on communication with him, but he does have a military e-mail address.  I guess we’ll  make some goodies to mail over.  I sent care packages to Papa when he was in the army, that hasn’t changed.  GS1 is our oldest grandchild and he will  turn 21, somewhere at sea or in Japan at his ship’s home-port.  Our youngest grandchild, the cute GD2, who is visiting right now will turn 5 and start school.  Wow!