Here We Go Again

The weekend is here, or will be in a few hours.  Papa and I have a lot to get done and a short time to do so.  Let’s see, the carrots and beets have to be dug.  I need to see if there are any more tomatoes or anything else that is good left in the garden.

There are the flower beds, they need a lot of work.  I have plans to move quite a few of the plants around, and it needs to be done soon.  There are bulbs to plant in my new flower bed on the south side of the house. I also need to mow.  I’ll try to do the front later this morning, then we can run the rider anytime.  There are sticks to pick up.  We need to check the pear tree and pick whatever is good.  Some trees need trimming.

If we don’t want leftovers for dinner, I need to cook something.  I also need to vacuum, and windows need washing.  Then there’s the camper, we need to wash and cover it.

I’d like to watch some football, but I’ll bet I don’t get to!