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    • Cindy on December 18, 2008 at 12:27 am

    Love what you’re doing with this box of goodies! Very unique and I’m curious if you’d mind if I ‘borrow’ the idea. I’ve got a prayer book of my Great Grandmothers, which I did something similar with for a scrapbook to my Mother – I’d like to do the same on my blog but hadn’t thought of it in this way before.
    Love your blog!

  1. I didn’t originate the idea of posting transcribed documents, but if I had I’d still want everyone to do the same. There’s absolutely nothing better than having those surname tags and keywords out on the web, you’re bound to have someone interested in your lines respond.

    I may have said before that I’ve learned more about the times and conditions of your ancestor’s lives from reading these cards than I could have by any other method. It really makes me think as I read through and consider what may have motivated the writers.

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