Early Friday

Today is an early Friday for Granny.  If I just had everything done.  D1 and GS2 are leaving at noon, to go to the Great Lakes Navel Training Center for GS1’s basic graduation.  They are joining up with D2 and her family on the way.  Papa and I have some other plans for the weekend, if I can ever get ready.  We’re planning to go over to Great Lakes to see GS1 later.  He should be in training there for a while.

D1 is hoping to be able to leave GS1 a laptop and his cell phone, but isn’t sure how much room he’ll have and what he’ll be allowed to have.  Of course, she’s taking all his Christmas presents and some goodies for him to eat.

I’ve got some paperwork to clear up, and some volunteer work to finish, then I can get ready to go to Perrysburg for Larry Efaw’s bluegrass show.  I hope you can come, see you there!

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