The New Detroit Science Center

Granny had fun yesterday.  We went to the New Detroit Science Center.  It was our first trip to this great museum, but it won’t be the last.  D3 came with us, she is known as Aunt J to the little kids.  We were a party of 5, with varying shades of red hair, from Aunt J’s copper color to the little granddaughter’s almost blonde. .  Of course, I forgot my camera.

It was a slow day at the Museum, most children in the area have already returned to school.  GS3 attends the Kalamazoo Public Schools, and will return to school Monday.

The Science Center provided lots of fun for all of us.  We toured some hands on exhibits, including one that simulated the experience of aging.  The younger kids didn’t understand the purpose of the activities, but tried most of them out.  We watched a show in the DTE Energy Sparks Theatre.  Aunt J’s hair stood on end, and she looked like she had a copper halo!

Lunch was in their café.  Child friendly food and fast service.

A visit to the SBC Children’s Gallery turned out to be the favorite of the granddaughters.  Lots of activities, just their size and interest.  They spent a lot of time in the green house.  While Aunt J presided at the greenhouse, GS3 and I checked out more age appropriate things for him.  This included Eckstein’s Workshop, where the demonstration was about digestion.  GS3 wanted to volunteer and had a good time during the showAdmission was free with my Cranbrook Science Center membership card.  Parking is $6 for non-members and $4 for members.  We are “non-members”, but found a lot nearby for $5, so we saved a dollar. Recommendation:  Best with a group of same age children.  One adult would be challenged to keep wide age ranges busy.  See it now!  


  1. Hi Granny Pam
    I see that my blog, Things I’ve Seen is on your blog roll. (I saw in my stats that somebody hit my blog from the link on yours) I think it’s cool — can I ask how you found me? Thanks!


    p.s. I’m putting you in my newsreader. I find your blog refreshing!

    • on January 5, 2007 at 7:07 pm

    Found you while surfing, liked your photographs.

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