The Real World

So, we’re home from Tennessee.  We had a great time at the Larkin family’s Christmas in the Smokies.  We slept in, talked to a bunch of nice people, looked at the great light displays in Pigeon Forge, all the Fudgie stuff.

On the way home we noted some changes in the scenery since our last drive home.  One barn had completely collapsed, and another was headed in the same direction.

We talked with great anticipation of a visit from GS3 and his sisters, GD’s 1 & 2.  Oh ya, their mom is coming, too.

I got up this morning with a huge list of things to do to get caught up.  The first e-mail I read this morning told of the passing of Dempsey Young.  This is the saddest thing.  God bless his wife, family and friends.  I’m totally frozen and can’t accomplish a thing.

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