On the way home

FanFest at IBMA was fun this year, but we’re tired out. We’re on our way home now. We stayed for the service and gospel singing this morning, something we didn’t do last year. We enjoyed seeing the Whites. They aren’t a group we would see under normal circumstances, so it was a treat. Molly Skaggs, daughter of Sharon White and Ricky, came out and sang a number she had written, accompanying herself on an open-back banjo. She is extremely confident and has a lot of stage presence. Oh, yes, and can she sing! Rachel Leftwich, Molly’s sister and also Sharon’s daughter sang harmony on a couple of numbers, as did Molly.

Nashville was hot and humid the entire time we were there. 90’s and humid in October. Even the tough southerners were complaining, We stayed at a hotel which was about a mile from the Convention Center. It was considerably cheaper than last year. I’m pretty sure when I add it all up, we will come out less, even staying one night more.

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