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Treasure Chest Thursday – Aunt Bertha’s Tray

This entry is part 8 of 9 in the series Treasures and Curiosities

I have had this hammered aluminum tray for a number of years. Aunt Jane, my Dad’s sister gave it to me, along with a story. Aunt Jane said that Bertha went to some classes and made the tray. That is an interesting story, I wish I knew if it was true. There is no mark …

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Troy Irish Genealogy Society

Last week when I was out in New York, I enjoyed a dinner meeting of the Troy Irish Genealogy Society. Why, you ask, would I traipse off to a meeting, when I am not a member, and do not know a soul? It comes down to the TIGS website. Well, perhaps it is the information …

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A Little About Mable Dickinson

This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Winnie Kaiser Yearnd Funeral Register

I arrived home with big plans to get things done. You all know about that, I think. I wanted to enter all my data, transcribe all I found, enter correct sources, and see if I could reach any conclusions. By the time Papa and I had emptied the car, I collapsed and fell asleep. Sunday, …

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Apple and I

I am in recovery, after a great trip to New York. On my way home Saturday, I has a breakfast with the famous Apple, of Apple’s Tree and The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree, and her better half. It was great to meet Apple after years of reading her posts, and absorbing some …

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Funeral Card Friday – Alfred John Jenkins

I am sharing funeral cards on Friday, following a Facebook meme which you an see here. Alfred Jenkins was a son of William John Jenkins and Mary Eliza Fenton. Mary was Papa’s grand aunt, sister of his grandpa, Ross P. Fenton. Alfred was Papa’s first cousin once removed.

Treasure Chest Thursday – Follett Hoe

This entry is part 7 of 9 in the series Treasures and Curiosities

For years, M-in-L has used a nice little hoe with a triangle shape and a sharp point. She has always called it her “Follett Hoe”. A man named Follett lived near M-in-L’s family; he was the maker of the hoe. You can see his name on the Colfax township plat map, look next the the …

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On My Way

I am on my way to New York this morning. In honor of the trip, I wanted to explain some of what I am taking, and why. I will skip the clothing, except to say that I brought layered things, comfortable shoes, an umbrella, and a couple of warm jackets. It is all in one …

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Funeral Card Friday – Alfred T. Fenton

I am sharing funeral cards on Friday, following a Facebook meme which you an see here. Alfred Thurston Fenton was born in Wexford County, Michigan, probably Colfax Township, and died at the age of ninety-four in Cadillac, Wexford County, Michigan. He was Papa’s granduncle, and according to the relationship calculator in my genealogy program, also …

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Treasure Chest Thursday – The Bricks

This entry is part 6 of 9 in the series Treasures and Curiosities

In a big bag on the back shelf in my store room is a toy remaining from Papa’s childhood. The bag is made from some fabric M-in-L had around. A quick search on E-bay shows that many sets of these hard plastic bricks have survived. The original can was long gone when Papa and I …

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Tuesday Tools, Bureau of Land Management Surveys

Better late than never, I am exploring the Survey portion of the BLM site. To access the surveys, go to the Bureau’s home page and click search surveys from the green menu bar. You can enlarge any of my screen shots for a better view, just click on them. I am searching in territory I …

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