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Learn a Little

After exploring new territory, ideas or general “stuff” Papa and I always say, one to another, “You can quit now, you’ve learned something today.” We went a little over the top today, and learned quite a bit. We visited the 4-H Tidelands Nature Center, here on Jekyll Island, Georgia. There are exhibits of local marine …

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Grace Cemetery, Harmony, Pennsylvania

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This cemetery is located just outside Harmony. It is adjacent to the old Mennonite meeting house, and was the burial place for a number of the Mennonite community in Harmony. The cemetery is sometimes called the Old Mennonite Cemetery Here is view of the older portion of the cemetery. A restoration project was underway when …

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Greenwich Cemetery, Greenwich New York

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Lot AC 326 in this cemetery contains the remains of some members of the Martin L. Herrington (or Harrington) family. Only 2 of the burials have markers. One of the two was placed in the 1990’s by my mother on the grave of her father, David Henry Herrington. In 1950 this lot was owned by …

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Greenwood Township Cemetery, Wexford County, Michigan

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Greenwood Township Cemetery is three miles north of M-42 in Section 36, Greenwood township. M-42 was recently reclassified as a Wexford County road, 16 mile road, rather than a State highway. Some of these burials are distant cousins of Papa, some may be distant cousins, and some just names that seemed important when I visited …

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Beaver Cemetery, Beaver Pennsylvania

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This cemetery is downtown in Beaver, Pennsylvania. It is pleasant, and many people walk or jog through it. Section D, Lot 15. Owner, Warren, Catharine. Date: May 4, 1878, Deed 117. The deaths of two individuals buried here pre-date the date of the lot card. They may have been moved to this cemetery, or perhaps …

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Memorial on the Beach

While Papa and I were exploring yesterday, we came upon a bench on the walkway which was decorated for Christmas. A closer inspection revealed that the bench was placed in memory of a young man who passed away far too young. We enjoyed the beautiful decorations, and paused to consider the loss on a family …

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Ashland Center Cemetery, Ashland Township, Newaygo County, Michigan

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This cemetery is directly West of Grant at the corner of 120th Street and Ferris Avenue. A headstone on the Miller-Bisard lot. Charles B. Miller Ida M. Miller Sarah (Sadie) Miller, wife of Lewis Franklin Bisard Andrew Carter and wife Emily Lamunion Carter Ferris Carter and wife Goldia Willbrandt Carter