July 2008 archive

Cluck Old Hen

Papa and I went out to the garden last night, and picked many cucumbers and zucchini. We also cut a lot of lettuce, and pulled a few carrots and beets. I picked one cabbage to eat, I enjoy slaw this time of year. I was able to give some cucumbers away, but we are overrun …

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Time Flies

I guess you don’t have to be having fun for time to fly, it’s probably more about being busy. And, we’ve been busy. I notice that the count down timer says I need to get GD1 a birthday gift, and soon. I asked her what she wanted when she last visited. She said, “Something for …

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Happy, Happy

So, today is our anniversary. I wrote about that last year.  Jeff Tuttle mentioned it when Mike’s band was on stage Saturday night.  He and Lorena have an anniversary on August first.  The first is also a wedding anniversary for Jerry and Ada Yates, Jeff’s favorite parents-in-law, and our friends and neighbors. Favorite parents-in-law?  I …

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OK, We are Home

We had a wonderful time over the weekend at the Marshall (Michigan) Bluegrass Festival.  Saw some friends and caught up. Saw some wonderful music. It never rained all weekend, very unusual for a festival in Michigan. I believe this and MayFest go on record as being the only dry festivals so far this summer. OK, …

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Wednesday, and nothing is done. Well, perhaps I’m wrong. The fridge is clean. Papa and I started some sweet pickles last night, they’re in brine in a crock in the basement. Lex is packed, kind of, I have to finish this morning. I got my eyes checked, and needed new glasses. They’ll be here soon. …

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How Does this Happen to Me?

I was looking for some lunch yesterday. I opened the fridge, and cleaned it. That’s right, I couldn’t find anything to eat, so I threw what I had out. I removed everything, and I scrubbed. I put back the stuff that was OK to eat. Then it was almost dinner time. Since the fridge was …

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Sista Neutralizes The Whiff

Sorry to say, Sista Smiff has closed her blog. I’ll miss reading that, and I’m watching all over to see where she might show up. If you find her first, let me know.

Unexpected Bounty

So, I picked the beans in a hurry yesterday night before we drove GS3 and GD1 to meet their parents. There were 3 buckets. Three, 3, three. These are the huge laundry detergent buckets they used to sell at Costco, before they downsized the bucket and upsized the price. Guess what I’m doing today?

In the Zoo

D2 arrived on Tuesday night, just in time to save my sanity. Little GD2 was happy to see her, and so was I. She got things together Wednesday morning, while I drove the older two to the Safari camp at the zoo. When I got back, everything was ready, and we left for a day …

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This Place is a Zoo

I took two cats, in two cat cages to the vet on Tuesday for shots. I had little GD2 with me. We got to the sign in desk and noted the long wait. I looked at the clock and remembered that I had to leave soon to pick up GD1 at the Zoo. The receptionist …

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