April 2008 archive

Thinking, Thinking, Thinking

I looked over this picture and then scanned my genealogy database. I realized that little Marion is wearing roller skates. That hardly seems right for a visit to the Yearnd cousins I was thinking of. Then I remembered Austin William Kaiser 1896-1920, son of William Kaiser and Delia Conway. William Kaiser was Winnie’s father, and …

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Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Marion Augusta Yearnd

Marion A. Yearnd, 1912-1969, was the second of my grandmother’s 5 children. Aunt Marion was a tiny lady, size 2 or something. She lived in Chicago, and worked in various governmental offices. She never married, and visited our house on Thanksgiving often when I was small. She may have come more often, but I was …

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Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Page 1, Margaret Jane Yearnd

The first page of Grandma’s scrapbook is dedicated to her oldest child, Margaret Jane Yearnd. There are 10 photos of Aunt Jane, her husband, Leo Devereaux, and a person who may be her husband’s sister, Catherine. Aunt Jane called her, “sister Kate”. This page seems to contain photos related to a home Leo and Jane …

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Back on Track

I’ve been working more on my hobby, genealogy. For that reason it was interesting to receive a request from someone for some copies of pictures I have. Not of people, but painted by someone. That someone, an uncle of mine by virtue of the fact he married one of my father’s sisters; was a diverse, …

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Darn Wings

Papa and I settled down to watch the Red Wings last night.  I was chilly, so I made some tea.  As we watched, the cats begged for attention, spread hair all over, again.  They’re shedding like mad. Things were going pretty well, and then it all fell apart in the third period.  Nashvegas won, darn it.  I …

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Did I say the dresses were finally finished?  I’m really glad, and relieved.  I am going to make aprons for them,  so they won’t get too much food on them at the reception. We’re calling them aprons, it might be more like big bibs! If you have the time, you could compare them to the sample.  I’m …

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Just do It!

Some things you need to do. We want to see you at Jimmy’s benefit show next Saturday, April 19, Dogwood Center, Fremont, Michigan. For a discount coupon, head on over to the benefit site.

Mourning Dove

I went out to take out some trash the other day, and heard a Mourning Dove.  Sure enough, it was secure on the wire above my drive.  We’re actually overrun with the darn things, but as far as I can see, they haven’t caused any trouble. Each time I hear one I think of my …

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Crazy.  it’s 9:50 and I have accomplished 2 baths, 1 shower, 4 breakfasts and some entertainment.  Guess who hasn’t had a shower? We didn’t get home until midnight from the Circus, so everyone slept in.  GS3 has a whopper of a cold, so he’s sniffling and blowing and coughing.  The GD’s must be mostly immune …

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Dress fitting

Our “little” grandchildren arrived yesterday morning.  They hauled all their stuff in, and got on the discovering and rediscovering Grandma’s space.  I kept sewing. D2 had found shoes, very cute Mary Janes with bows, and they match the dresses perfectly.  GD1’s petticoat was done first, she tried it, and said, “I won’t be able to fit …

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