March 2008 archive

Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival

See you at the show today and tomorrow!

Finish Something

Yesterday, while Papa worked, I actually finished something. Not easy, but in keeping with my March resolution to waste less time, I really buckled down. In the course of visits to various libraries, cemeteries, and archives, I’ve managed to assemble a ton of material which is floating around my computer in digital format. There are …

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Good Old-Fashioned Hard Work???

If you’ve been retired for a while, and I have, it gets harder to focus and accomplish tasks. At least it has for me. That is because time is available. Lots of it. It is easy to forget that it (the time, that is) continues to march on, even when nothing is done. And, there …

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I read the subtitle to the “Wild and Wacky Wednesday Seniors” table sign on my way out.  It said: Your Tax Dollars at Work.

Public Places, Wacky People, and Coffee

Here I am in a special place where people drink coffee, eat soup, pastries or sandwiches and use the Internet.  I’m using the Internet, but I’m not drinking coffee.  I used to drink lots of coffee, 40 or more years ago, when I was single.  I waited on tables at a series of places, and …

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Sleeping in a Chair

I used to wonder how people could sleep in chairs, in fact, even why they would consider doing so.  Over the past few years, all that has changed.  I’ve found that sleeping in a chair is great for people with colds, especially head colds.  I’ve spent the past 2 days and nights making sure that …

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The Worst Cold on Earth

Wow.  I was feeling smug just a few weeks ago, since I hadn’t had a cold all winter.  I don’t think I deserve what I got, but maybe I did.  I can tell you, that whatever I have is pretty miserable.  I slept in my chair, and managed to do pretty well.  But, everything that …

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Happy Easter

It’s quiet here today, and we will be too.  Papa, D3 and I will have a quite day, a quite dinner, and a long nap. 

Back at It

Yesterday, was looking over the logs for my sites and I noticed the contact form wasn’t working.  Don’t know for how long, don’t know why.  Frustrating.  Anyhow, I just went through the all the WarrenWeb family sites, and fixed all the problems.  At least all of them I found.  If you used to have a …

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The Good Old Days

Some things are funny, or interesting, both.  This group, consisting of Tom, Herm, Papa, and Glenn (partly hidden) were living it up at a Christmas party for my place of employment in the 80’s.  They also worked there, but Papa was at a different building/division. Kris, Herm’s daughter, worked there also and took the photo.  …

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