November 2007 archive

Here we are

We are in Kalamazoo, helping D2 move.  We found out how old 5? really is.  We’re stiff and sore.  Progress is being made.  More Sunday!


TIME OUT from the fun, please read this carefully.  Especially if you are concerned about the future on our earth.  The Detroit Free Press front page is screaming at me today, “Ski-high dioxin level taints river in Saginaw”.  People, if you don’t understand about dioxins you aren’t alone.  Dr. Linda Birnbaum made a presentation on …

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Vote here for the “Click on Detroit” channel 4 team HS football team of the week.  Oh ya, vote for Troy, please.

Sunny and Bright today

It’s a nice looking day, already.  The garbage men already took the leaves, so they’re right with it.  Of course, even though I worked hard yesterday, there are many leaves on the lawn again.  We only bag the one from the walnut tree, the remainder we mow up and put on our garden.  So, I …

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Funny, very Funny

Today is the day that the government celebrates my birthday.  Or something like that.  So, here is the explanation.  When I was born, November 11 was Armistice day.  You older folks know, the eleventh hour, the eleventh day, the eleventh month.  For the younger ones, it was the day WWI ended.  A few years after …

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Gray Saturday

Papa and I worked on the yard and garden a little this morning.  The leaves are finally falling some, but many are still on the trees.  He ran the mower and dumped what he collected on the garden.  I removed all the tomato cages, and picked some tomates in the process, I ate one for lunch …

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I Just Have to Tell You

Troy Colts, 34 Warren Cousino, 0

The Big One

GS2’s team, the Troy Colts, play a regional football game tonight.  He won’t be able to play anymore this year, but we’re going anyway.  We’ve watched those kids play since they were 8 and we’re not quitting now.  A good thread that I sometimes see on a discussion list is, “What’s in your CD player?” …

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Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my much younger sister today, you know who you are!


Yesterday’s e-mail brought the unwelcome news that another of the scripts I run on some of my sites needs upgrading. I hate the process, even though it’s pretty simple. Don’t get me wrong, I love that people actually write scripts that can be used with a donation or without a charge. I really would rather …

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