May 2007 archive

Hey – Yes I Mean YOU!

So, my Mom has been sick. She is a little better now, and I’m relaxing a bit. Due to Mom’s illness, I’ve been driving around the suburbs north of Detroit nearly every day for 4 weeks. This is unusual, I usually don’t go out that much. I’ve had a few way too close calls, I’ve …

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Hotel for Less?

Papa and I recently worked out a schedule of bluegrass festivals and events that we will attend this year. We mapped out his holidays, compared his vacations days to our usual tour of festivals, and tried to figure out what was best. We decided to attend the IBMA Fan Fest again this year. Last year …

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Staying Home

For the last several years we have attended the Lewis Family Festival in Lincolnton, Georgia during this week before Mother’s Day.  This year, we’re staying home.  Mom just got out of the hospital after almost two weeks.  She’s at a nursing home/rehab facility near here.  I think I can ride my bike up there, I’ll probably …

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